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Football Manager 2016 – Unemployment Challenge – Part IV


Football Manager Unemployment Challenge

HotTakes.Pro is currently playing through an unemployment challenge start on Football Manager 2016.  Updates are posted at least twice per season. As the previous season was March-November in Sweden, and our manager accepted a mid-season job in Wales, the MBi Llandudno 2015/2016 season will only comprise of this update.  Part III is available here. 

We are also profiling European football clubs, especially smaller less known clubs.  Here is our profile of Llandudno FC.

November 2015 – May 2016 with MBi Llandudno

When we left off last week, our manager had just completed his first full season of action with IF Sylvia in the Swedish Second Division.  IF Sylvia finished in 8th place out of 14, and the club wanted to bring us back for another year.  Unfortunately, they were only able to offer a payroll budget in the $70,000 range, while the league average was around $250,000. & the next lowest team had $140,000.  Carlstad United BK came calling, but they wanted to see how their interim manager worked out before bringing us in.

Llandudno won the Wales second division league in 2014/2015.

In comes MBi Llandudno in the Welsh Premier League.  Llandudno offered a relegation battle, a payroll budget in the $340,000 range, & a deal through June 2017. The club was in last place in the 12 team league, but it was only an eight point relegation zone hole.  On paper, they really shouldn’t have been in that poor of form, but maybe the recently promoted Cyrmu Alliance squad & coaching staff got a little overwhelmed.  The winless streak was at 15 when we took over, but it only took two matches to find that elusive victory.

mbi-llandudno-losing-streak-football-managerHaverfordwest caught us 0-1 on a late goal during our manager’s initial match.  He was hired the same day, so the lack of preparation excused the result.  Connah’s Quay acquiesced with a defeat the following week.

The 2015/2016 JD Welsh Cup was a high-point for the club.  A 3-2 away victory over TNS in the quarter final set the club up for a semi final showdown with Port Talbot.

Final standings were not clear until the very last week, but the relegation battle was a success: a 10th place finish in the 2015/2016 Welsh Premier League. 8 wins, 11 draws, 13 losses for 35 total points.

manager-end-season-llandudno-football-manager-unemployment-challengeFollowing our relegation battle with MBi Llandudno, our manager has 18 wins, 17 draws, & 16 losses with a total goal difference of -1.

Preseason 2016/2017

The board does not seem willing to rest on its laurels at all.  Our initial 2016/2017 budget offer came through with a demand for at least a top half finish in the league.  European qualifying in Wales is nice: the winner goes to the Champions League qualifiers, second place goes to the Europa League qualifiers, and 3-7 compete for a second Europa League qualifier spot.  The winner of the Welsh Cup also earns a Europa League place.  Although the Welsh Premier League isn’t even on the same level as either Irish league, I think Llandudno can be a perennial continental qualifier.

football-manager-unemployment-challenge-budget~$365,000 in total payroll budget.  I doubt the club will get close to the limit, but it is great to have some options.  This should be good for about mid-level in the Welsh Premier League.

The squad is only practicing one tactic at the moment: a 4-4-2 possession tactic with wingers & an emphasis towards flanking play.  This is based on a few tactics I’ve used over the years.

football-manager-unemployment-challenge-tacticGenerally the deep lying forwards would be false 9s.  It’s impossible to find a false 9 capable player at this level of play.

football-manager-unemployment-challenge-tacticClear it out to the flanks and try to score on crosses.  Run at the defense and play super aggressively.  The only problem I ever have with this tactic is depth.  Towards the middle of the season we will start running into players having yellow card suspension troubles.  An emphasis on discipline coaching ability might be able to help, but they are going to play overly aggressive by design in an attempt to force turnovers.

football-manager-unemployment-challenge-oddsThese aren’t the best odds that I’ve ever seen, but a mid-table finish should not be outside of our reach.  A successful year could also push the club towards going full-time professional.  All it takes is one trip to Europe.


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