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Cleveland Browns should have been at 3 QBs all camp


Cleveland Browns continue to carry four quarterbacks

Kizer shines, Osweiler validates the haters


DeShone Kizer is Cleveland’s latest great hope at quarterback.

The Cleveland Browns have named DeShone Kizer as their starting quarterback following a 10-6 victory over the NY Giants.  Brock Osweiler started the game at First Energy Stadium in Cleveland completing 6 of 8 pass attempts for 25 yards and an interception.  The sixth year NFL veteran looked unsettled and inaccurate throughout his time at the helm.  He left his receivers exposed on several occasions with most of his passes flying high.  Kizer came in late in the first quarter and put in an exciting (if at times cringe worthy due to rookie inexperience) performance.  The Notre Dame rookie completed 8 of 13 passes for 74 yards.  He also carried the ball five times for 35 yards and the Browns’ only touchdown.

The quarterback carousel never stops spinning in Cleveland, and Hue Jackson decided to carry four quarterbacks on the roster through training camp and into the preseason.  Cody Kessler, Osweiler, & Kizer split first team snaps with Osweiler receiving the majority.  Unfortunately, with the Browns publicly stating that they are finished with the Osweiler project, his first team reps seem to be going to waste.  And what to do with Kevin Hogan?  The Browns decision to carry all four this late in the process has hurt the three young QBs’ development.

The Browns decimated any residual value that Osweiler may have had

Judging by the accuracy of his throws, Osweiler is probably meaning to point about three feet lower and to the left.

The Osweiler trade continues to make sense to this day.  Although it appears he isn’t going to be the answer for the franchise going forward, the Browns had cap-space to burn, and a  2018 second round draft pick will serve Sashi Brown well.  I don’t have a problem with the acquisition nor do I think that the Browns should let him go.  Unfortunately, reports came flooding out of Berea on Tuesday that the Browns are once again looking to trade Osweiler.  If the money-ball guys really believe that this is an option, they are in way over their heads.  Any potential trade value that Osweiler may have had has to be diminished.  The Cleveland Browns named him their starter and saw enough from two brief preseason appearances that they have more faith in a very green rookie.  If Osweiler isn’t worth a spot in the Browns’ quarterbacks room, why would anyone be willing to take on his contract?

Osweiler isn’t going anywhere & Kizer is the new man.  So who needs to go?

Kevin Hogan has to be the odd man out here.  It’s a shame because he will most likely be let go too late in the preseason to really catch on with another team this year.  I mistakenly thought that the Browns had drafted him out of Stanford, but he was a free agent acquisition from Kansas City.  Kessler appeared to have some potential last season, and he has a 2016 3rd round draft pick invested in him.  Hue Jackson will have to make a decision on whether or not keeping Kevin Hogan is worth the deadcap space that would come with waiving Osweiler.


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