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Deshone Kizer is making me relapse



Every Cleveland Browns fan inevitably falls into the same cycle of misery each season:

  1. Quarterback plays well in preseason.
    Manziel/Kessler/Shaw/Griffin is the hero that we were promised.
  2. Lose week one
    -There was certainly some upside from that 20-3 loss.  It looks like Manziel/Kessler/Shaw/Griffin is a decent quarterback.  Just gotta feed the Crow to 1,000 yards
  3. By this point, I’ve given up & I’m rooting for Celtic/Liverpool to win the UEFA Cup/EPL.

But I’ll be damned, Kizer looked like a real NFL QB at points last night.  He certainly had some growing pains (holding on to the ball too long, staring down his target) on a few plays, but he displayed an athleticism & playmaking ability that makes me think that he could be the promised one.

Note: This article was originally posted on 8/11/2017 on my wordpress.com blog. 

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