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Football hooligans: What did Everton do to piss off Hajduk Split?


Hajduk Split hooligans continue to have it out for the Toffees

Last week we covered the first match of the Everton-Hajduk Split Europa League qualifier.  Hajduk Split (Croatia) ultras began attacking Everton supporters following a Michael Keane goal in the 33rd minute.  Seats were ripped up and thrown, and there were some unkind words exchanged between the two groups of supporters.

Hajduk Split had already received a warning from UEFA for racist chanting during their earlier Europa League qualifying draw with Danish side Brøndby IF. Despite the incident last week in Merseyside, UEFA did not issue a stadium ban for the follow-up match in Croatia. Split ultras issued death threats warning Everton supports not to make the trip.  Here are some fantastic quotes best read in a their original broken English:

“So you English pussys think you are so strong ok we will see what happens in Split.”

“When you come to Split, you will not live out.”

Everton warned its expected 1,400 traveling supporters not to wear their colors outside of the stadium, but there were still incidents.  Before the match, an Everton fan was beaten and had his t-shirt stolen.

Credit to Hanza Media

Hajduk Split has a reputation for hooliganism and violence, as do many of the top Croatian clubs.  I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out why Split seems to hate Everton so much. This seems to be a case of some men just wanting to watch the world burn. Back in March, an armed man stormed the pitch during a Croatian First Football League fixture:

This was the most casual armed pitch invasion I’ve personally ever witnessed.


The Hajduk Split captain starts talking to the guy and leading him off the pitch like this is a weekly occurrence. “Not again, Igor.”


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