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Football Manager 2016 – Unemployment Challenge – Part III

HotTakes.Pro is currently playing through an unemployment challenge start on Football Manager 2016.  Updates are posted at least twice per season.  Part II is available here. 


An eighth place finish in our first season with IF Sylvia. Not great, but not terrible either.


Manager profile following first season with IF Sylvia.

The fourth-tier Swedish football league only plays a 26 match season, so we were able to power through Season #1 pretty quickly.  Despite our fantastic 4-1-2 start through the first quarter of the season, the club fell off pretty hard and finished just shy of middle of the table.  We were never able to generate any sort of consistency in attack due to our players being epic levels of shit.  The entire second half of the season was essentially just parking the bus in 4-5-1 & trying to come away with a draw.

Started strong, finished weak. Draw city, baby. The schedule is a little longer than a single page scroll.  Rest of the schedule is below.


Continuation of the previous schedule image.


The club’s total wage never dropped below the budget that I was given. We didn’t make a single acquisition during the season. As you can see, still less than half of the salary of the second-to-last place team.

It is looking increasingly unlikely that our manager will be returning to IF Sylvia for a second campaign.  His contract expires at the end of November, and the club seems either unwilling or unable to up the salary budget.  The club offered contract renewal talks, but they were not acceptable:

Another $70,000 payroll season? Sounds like a great career move. No way that could come back to bite me in the ass.

Luckily, Carlstad United BK has expressed an interest in bringing on our manager.  They finished in the relegation zone of the Swedish First Division, and will be sent down to the Swedish Second Division.  The club should be a promotion candidate for next season, and they are offering a payroll budget in the $300,000 range.

Carlstad United BK could provide the best possible path to earning some silverware & building our manager’s reputation.  The club is currently under an interim manager, but our manager has been linked with the position in the media.

I will be back hopefully sometime next week with Part IV of our challenge! Stay tuned!


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