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Football Manager 2016 – Unemployment Start – Part II

HotTakes.Pro is currently playing through an unemployment challenge start on Football Manager 2016.  Updates are posted at least twice per season.  Part I is available here. 

IF Sylvia thru 7 matches

We are a little more than 1/4 of the way through the Swedish Second Division South Svealand (Swedish football’s fourth division), and things are actually going remarkably well.  Seven total matches: four wins, one draw, and two losses for third place overall.

That’ll do for the lowest spending team in the league:

It isn’t even close. IF Sylvia has 50% of the second to last team’s payroll.

We are also last in possession & second to last in pass completion, but we’re right up there in goals.




The tactic is incredibly simple on purpose.  We are alternating between a 4-4-2 & a 4-5-1 with a counter-defensive focus.  The above stats show that things are working, too.  We are essentially just sitting in our own half patiently for an opportunity to pound it deep into the opponents side.

Don’t mind the players selected & their fitness.  Just pay attention to the tactics:

4-4-2 Counter for lower league simpleton squads


4-4-2 Counter for lower league simpleton squads


4-5-1 Counter for lower league simpleton squads


4-5-1 Counter for lower league simpleton squads

Here is a look at my manager, our staff, & our finances by the way.  I forgot to include these in the initial post:

There is absolutely no scenario in reality where this man is hired as the manager of any football club.


Seriously. This is a shit show.


The staff is terrible as well. IF Sylvia’s success so far can only be attributed to the omniscient head coach figure.


You may remember me saying that IF Sylvia had upside compared to Dundela & Loughgall. The emphasis should really be on COMPARED TO. We are talking $20,000 & $25,000 vs $60,000 payroll budgets.

The squad is healthy and motivated, and I think we will do just as well during the next quarter of the season.  Let’s hope!




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