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Hamm’s Beer Review


HotTakes.Pro reviews beer:  Hamm’s

Classic Hamm’s beer coaster


$3.99 for 6 16oz cans.


This is Coors right?  Seriously, I can’t tell a difference.  I feel like this must be the Coors that one of the warehouse guys sneezed in.  Or maybe it’s like generic medicine.  I took a whiff, and before I even had a sip I went to the gas station and picked up a Coors tall boy for comparison.  There is the same sickly sweet smell coming from each can.  All I have for you are comparisons with similarly terrible smelling beers:  it is the exact same malodorous horror you get from a can of Rolling Rock or Coors (heavy).  I snarled my upper lip as if I was huffing a plastic-bottle whiskey.


It made me cringe during the first two cans.  Don’t get me wrong, once you get a few cans in you’re not gonna really mind the taste at all.  It might bring you a bit closer to puking than something a civilized person would drink, but hell.

Will I drink it again?

The six fallen soldiers.

Probably.  It was $6.99 for a sixer of 16 oz PBR at my local Kroger.  That is UNREAL.  16 oz PBR was the cheapest/most pleasant way to drink when I was in college. Hamm’s was literally the only option in the usually packed $3.99 6-pack 16 oz can range..  This isn’t a unique thing at all, I’ve seen the same price almost everywhere, and Hamm’s is currently the only option there at my local Kroger.  This beer is absolutely horrendous, but I’m lazy, and I’ll probably grab at least one six pack of it over the next 6 months.


This is a cheap domestic lager, and you have to keep that in mind when reviewing it.

Price:  10/10

Smell: 2/10

Taste: 3.5/10

Overall: 6.5/10



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