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2017 NCAA Top 15 Football Rankings – Week 3


2017 NCAA Top 15 Football Rankings – Week 3

Editor’s note:  Penn State is not included in these rankings due to the pathetic mess the NCAA made of the Jerry Sandusky imposed sanctions.  HotTakes.Pro considers the Ped State program to have received the death penalty.  

You can find last week’s rankings here.

  1. Alabama (2-0 SEC)
  2. Oklahoma (2-0 Big 12)
  3. Clemson (2-0 ACC)
  4. Michigan (2-0 Big Ten)
  5. USC (2-0 PAC 12)
  6. LSU (2-0 SEC)
  7. Wisconsin (2-0 Big Ten)
  8. Washington (2-0 PAC 12)
  9. Oklahoma State (2-0 Big 12)
  10. Louisville (2-0 ACC)
  11. Georgia (2-0 SEC)
  12. Virginia Tech (2-0 ACC)
  13. TCU (2-0 Big 12)
  14. Tennessee (2-0 SEC)
  15. Miami (1-0 ACC)

Alabama (#1)

Bama keeps rolling.  Jalen Hurts had 10 carries for 154 yards and 2 TDs in a 41-10 victory over Mountain West side Fresno State.

Oklahoma (#2)

Woo, baby! THE Overrated State University got exposed, and Baker Mayfield jammed a flag into fieldturf in a major alpha move.  The Suckeyes fans of course chose to bitch & moan about how disrespectful it was.  It’s not as though they acted like pricks in Norman the year before.

Clemson (#3)

The Tigers went head-to-head with a very good Auburn team and smacked them in the mouth.  Auburn was probably the toughest team on Clemson’s schedule this season, and a victory has me thinking about a return to the CFB playoff.

Michigan (#4)

I don’t believe in bad victories or good losses.  Jim Harbaugh has the Wolverines doing exactly what they need to be doing: winning football games.  Cincinnati is probably going to whip the shit out of my Thundering Herd next week, not that has any bearing on their quality.  This one was 17-7 at halftime, but Michigan controlled possession and took care of business in the second half.

Credit: Jim Harbaugh’s Twitter.

USC (#5)

If I didn’t have a personal interest in watching Ohio State get embarrassed, I would have switched over to a fantastic 42-24 victory over Stanford.


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