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Football Manager 2016 – Unemployment Challenge – Part VI


Football Manager Unemployment Challenge

HotTakes.Pro is currently playing through an unemployment challenge start on Football Manager 2016.  Updates are posted at least twice per season.  Part V is available here and you can find the entire series here.

We are also profiling European football clubs, especially smaller less known clubs.  Here are our profiles of Welsh Premier League sides Llandudno FC & TNS.

Second half of 2016/2017 season with MBi Llandudno

I’m a bit disappointed, but I didn’t really expect Shamrock Rovers to be interested.


football-manager-unemployment-challenge-competitionsFinal results of the 2016/2017 season.  Llandudno finishes the season with a five match losing streak but still clinches a spot in the playoff for the Welsh Premier League’s Europa League spot.  The JD Welsh Cup & theWord Cup were disasters.


football-manager-unemployment-challenge-europe-playoff-lossYeah, about that playoff for Europe…  This season has to go down as a failure.  Without European prize money, Llandudno’s extravagant spending all but assures administration.  I would fire me, personally.


football-manager-unemployment-challenge-salarySecond highest spending for a fifth place result.


football-manager-unemployment-challenge-passingAnd the worst passing in the league!  We utilized some direct football in our tactics, but our passing was always shit.  This probably has a lot to do with the disappointing results.


football-managerAt least only an average of 129 fans watched our end of season collapse.


otball-manager-unemployment-challenge-endseasonreview2016/2017: Things were a helluva lot brighter during the 2016 portion.


football-manager-unemployment-challenge-llandudnoThe club hasn’t had enough yet.  They’ve proposed a similar budget to the previous season and are expecting a top half finish again.


football-manager-unemployment-challenge-no-coaching-courseAt this rate, I’m beginning to doubt that our manager is ever going to get a badge.  It’s especially irritating as the club literally just sent off my assistant on a course last week.  Future replacement?  Probably.


football-manager-unemployment-challenge-coachHere is an update on our manager.  88 total matches for 32 wins, 26 draws, and 30 losses.  Goal difference is at 0: 116 for 116 against.  I assume he sleeps on a cot at the club’s office, because $21,500 per annum is rough.


football-manager-unemployment-challenge-aldershot-fcFake it ’til you make it, baby.  A promotion to the Football Conference with Aldershot would be an opportunity to finally take a coaching course.  This could be our ticket to the top.  Fingers crossed.




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