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German hooligans descend on London and storm police at Emirates Stadium

FC Köln brought tens of thousands of supporters to London for their UEFA Europa Cup match with Arsenal.


I imagine that at least a few pensioners in London had their childhood horrors come true today as over 20,000 FC Köln supporters marched through the streets singing & chanting in German.  Ohio State should count themselves fortunate that Baker Mayfield didn’t lead the entire state of Oklahoma through the Short North to a rousing tune of “Shalalalalala.”

FC Köln came into town and laid its sack right on Arsenal’s face.  The match was initially delayed due to German supporters rushing the concourses & gates and preventing the Arsenal supporters from entering the stadium.  There doesn’t seem to be any impetus for the unruly mob either.  Just a bunch of German lads having a smashing time in London.

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