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NFL Week 1 Picks


NFL Week 1 Picks

NY Jets vs Buffalo Bills – 9/10/17 1:00PM EDT

The Jets are doing their best to tank this season and accrue some draft picks in the spring.  The Bills should dominate this game on both sides of the ball.

Bills 34 – Jets 10

Atlanta Falcons vs Chicago Bears – 9/10/17 1:00PM EDT

Mike Glennon should make his first and only start for Chicago this week.  Expect Mitchell Trubisky to be named the starter on Monday.

Falcons 31 – Bears 13

Baltimore Ravens vs Cincinnati Bengals – 9/10/17 1:00PM EDT

Joe Flacco is the perfect example of a quarterback asking for too much.  He won a Super Bowl, got a huge contract, & Harbaugh & co have been struggling ever since.  Bengals won’t bungle this early in the season.

Bengals 24 – Ravens 14

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cleveland Browns – 9/10/17 1:00PM EDT

The Browns were undefeated in the preseason!  Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean jackshit.  I’m big on Deshone Kizer right now, but the Steelers should dominate this game.

Steelers 34 – Browns 10

Arizona Cardinals vs Detroit Lions – 9/10/17 1:00PM EDT

Big toss-up here.  Larry Fitzgerald and Carson Palmer are back for possibly the final time, and Matthew Stafford just Joe Flacco’d himself (sans Super Bowl).  Detroit wins due to homefield advantage.

Lions 37 – Cardinals 31

Oakland Raiders vs Tennessee Titans – 9/10/17 1:00PM EDT

Marcus Mariota & Derek Carr have been beacons of light for two franchises that have struggled since Super Bowl appearances in the early 2000s.  They’re both coming off broken legs sustained in the final weeks of 2016.  I like Tennessee at home.

Titans 24 – Raiders 16

Philadelphia Eagles vs Washington Redskins – 9/10/17 1:00PM EDT

Carson Wentz > Kirk Cousins.  The Eagles should have a better defense as well.

Eagles 21 – Redskins 13

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Houston Texans – 9/10/17 1:00PM EDT

The Jags will avoid Hurricane Irma as they take on the Texans in Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston.  In my fairly uninformed opinion, Jacksonville is shit.  The Texans defense won’t allow a single touchdown.

Texans 13 – Jaguars 3

Indianapolis Colts vs Los Angeles Rams – 9/10/17 4:05PM EDT

Andrew Luck will be unavailable for this one, and he still isn’t practicing with the Colts.  As his dad Oliver Luck is an unequivocal piece of trash (WVU), this brings me great joy.

Rams 17 – Colts 0

Seattle Seahawks vs Green Bay Packers – 9/10/17 4:25PM EDT

Michael Bennett & Richard Sherman continue to be jackass distractions, and A-aron Rodgers is going to be the best QB in the league this season.  I like the Packers in this one, but it will be close.

Packers 34 – Seahawks 28

Carolina Panthers vs San Francisco 49ers – 9/10/17 4:25PM EDT

I’ve been thinking about how much better off the 49ers would have been if they’d kept Alex Smith instead of going all-in on Colin Kaepernick.  Smith obliterated the Pats defense last night, and the 49ers will be rolling out perennially below average Brian Hoyer.  I doubt the long road trip will be enough to stop Cam Newton & Co.

Panthers 27 – 49ers 17

NY Giants vs Dallas Cowboys – 9/10/17 8:30PM EDT

Ezekiel Elliot will be available for the Cowboys due to a ruling from a Texas court, and Dak Prescott is back for his sophomore try.  Odell Beckham, Jr. is out with a nasty knee injury, but Brandon Marshall should still provide a dangerous target for Eli Manning.  I like a repeat of last years Giants/Cowboys opener.  Also, why the hell are they opening in Dallas again?  Couldn’t they have switched off this season?

Giants 27 – Cowboys 21

New Orleans Saints vs Minnesota Vikings – 9/11/17 7:10PM EDT

This will be the year that Drew Brees falls off a performance cliff.  It’s a shame that Teddy Bridgewater is still out from that nasty knee injury.  I felt he had the talent to be in the up-and-coming group along with Mariota, Carr, Wentz, & Prescott.

Vikings 27 – Saints 24

Los Angeles (LOL) Chargers vs Denver Broncos – 9/11/17 10:20PM EDT

Nothing beats a Monday night double-header.  The Broncos should wipe the floor with the Chargers.  It’s a shame that we won’t be able to watch Spanos’ club fail to fill a tiny soccer stadium on national television.

Broncos 27 – Chargers 10





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