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Spartak Moscow hooligan fires flare gun at pitch during Champions League fixture


Russian hooligans travel to Slovenia and make a compelling case for attending the 2018 World Cup

German official Deniz Aytekin was almost struck by a flare fired from the visitors’ end during NK Maribor’s 1-1 UEFA Champions League draw with Spartak Moscow.

I absolutely live for this kind of shit, and unfortunately Fox chooses to broadcast the Spanish & English teams every year.  The Eastern European clubs bring an excitement and enthusiasm for the game that we frankly don’t see anymore in the major leagues.  Sure, the quality of play is probably better in a Sevilla-Liverpool matchup, but I want to see Moscow fans light bonfires & fire projectiles at professional athletes.  Hell, even Celtic had a guy run out on the pitch and try to kick €180 million man Kylian Mbappe.  That’s quality television, and I demand Fox recognize it.

Speaking of the Celtic pitch invasion incident, this is probably the best thing they could have had happened for them.  How is UEFA going to enforce a stadium ban or any serious punishment while Moscow supporters are shooting flaming projectiles at referees on football’s biggest stage?

FC Spartak Moscow is historically the most successful club in the Russian Premier League.

Jurgen Klopp and his Liverpool squad will face Spartak in Moscow on September 26th.  After drawing at Anfield 2-2 with La Liga side Sevilla, The Reds are going to be pushing for victory.  An empty stadium would go a long way towards helping achieve the three points.

Russia promises that there will be no hooliganism at the 2018 World Cup

And while I do believe that the Kremlin & the Russian soccer federation are respectable & transparent institutions, do we really think that this shit isn’t going to be happening during the 2018 World Cup?  It’s going to be a blood bath!  Russian hooligans gave us a taste during UEFA Euro 2016, and it wasn’t pretty.  I can’t imagine justifying spending thousands of dollars or pounds to travel all the way to Russia simply to get my ass kicked by ex-Spetznas commandos in Adidas track suits.  That type of treatment is available free of charge in parts of the Ukraine.


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