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Bruce Arena resigned – Who is next?

Bruce Arena resigns as USMNT manager three days following T&T loss

Who will be the next manager for the United States?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Gulati followed Arena out the door?

Sunil Gulati hired Jürgen Klinsmann & Bruce Arena.

I don’t expect that Bruce Arena read my blog post calling for his resignation yesterday, but I’m glad that he’s finally chosen to do it.  It’s a shame that he waited any longer than 24 hours, and I believe that delay will be a part of his legacy.  Arena should be remembered for the 2002 World Cup in Seoul & the USMNT’s quarterfinal exit to Germany.  I understand that it would be nigh impossible to turn down the position, but here we are eleven months after his 2016 appointment.

Things feel sort of empty now that he has finally resigned.  It has just now occurred to me that the USMNT missed the 2018 World Cup.  There has been some talk of a Panama-Costa Rica replay due to the phantom goal, but I don’t think there is a single person in the US calling for it.  It shouldn’t have ever come down to this point.  By the way, congratulations to everyone who bet on T&T.  I don’t know what the official line was, but the US was about 90% certain to qualify going into the matches.

Who will be the next USMNT manager?

I am all-in on Tab Ramos as the next USMNT manager.  There has been talk of Portland Timbers boss Caleb Porter, but that would be a mistake.  The US needs someone who hasn’t been a part of the US system his entire life.  We need foreign experience & intuition at the head.  MLS likes to pretend that the US has reached soccer nirvana, but we are just as far away as we were in 1998.  More so, considering that we qualified that year.

Juan Carlos Osorio, the former Mexican boss who was in-charge during the 1-1 draw in June, has also been mentioned as a potential match.  I’m actually more all-in on this one than I was on Ramos.  Osorio struggled with the Mexican fans, but the next USMNT manager will likely be allowed five years.  If you give Osorio five years, he will give us a Top-16 international program.

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