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Bruce Arena should have resigned during his post-match press conference

USMNT fails to qualify for 2018 World Cup following 1-2 defeat at Trinidad & Tobago

Bruce Arena should have never been hired, but it isn’t too late for him to resign.

Nothing has to change…” – Bruce Arena

There is a precedent for national team managers stepping down after embarrassing their nation.  Just last month, Cameroon manager Hugo Broos resigned just hours following a 4-0 loss to Nigeria. Juan Antonio Pizzi has already announced his resignation after Chile failed to qualify due to their 3-0 loss to Brazil on Tuesday.  And yet Bruce Arena remains employed.

Arena in 2006 during his first run as USMNT manager

During his post-match press conference, Arena took blame for the loss but gave no indication that he plans to step-down.

“I think it’s disappointing.  It’s a blemish for us.  We should not be staying home for this World Cup.  I take responsibility for that.”

“There’s nothing wrong with what we’re doing.  Certainly as our league grows, it advances the national team program.  We have some good young players com[ing] up.  Nothing has to change.  To make any kind of crazy changes I think would be foolish.  We’re building a good system in our professional league.  We have players playing abroad of some quality.”

Arena continues to serve as the mouth-piece that Major League Soccer & Don Garber need from US Soccer.  Jürgen Klinsmann was an outspoken critic of the league and the US soccer pyramid as a whole, and those beliefs played a major part in his 2016 departure.  While Klinsmann was encouraging the national pool to play its professional soccer in Europe, MLS was executing a strategy to bring them all back home.  Klinsmann’s criticism was scene as a threat to the league’s bottom line & the status quo established under USSF President Sunil Gulati.


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