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NFL Week 3 Picks

NFL Week 3 Picks How did we do last week? Week 2 picks. Won 14 Texans – Bengals, Bills – Panthers, Bears – Buccaneers, Vikings – Steelers, Cardinals – Colts, Patriots – Saints, Browns – Ravens, Eagles – Chiefs, Titans – Jags, Jets – Raiders, [ … ]

Deshone Kizer is making me relapse

https://twitter.com/NFL/status/895836620020006912/video/1 Every Cleveland Browns fan inevitably falls into the same cycle of misery each season: Quarterback plays well in preseason. –Manziel/Kessler/Shaw/Griffin is the hero that we were promised. Lose week one -There was certainly some upside from that 20-3 loss.  It looks like Manziel/Kessler/Shaw/Griffin is [ … ]